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We Rebranded and Here is Why

Posted on January 12, 2020  

Rebranding, or uplifting your brand is not a choice you make on a whim or when you feel like it; if done under certain unfitting circumstances, it could lead to your brand being misunderstood and disconnect with its followers under the sentence of confusion. ‘If it ain’t broke, why fix it!’

So why would any business rebrand? And when is it the right move?  And how to make it right?

Rebranding is a mean for the brand to remain relevant, and more importantly, authentic.  As a brand, we looked at our story objectively, as we do with our clients, and we found that maybe rebranding is the right move coming in the right time to redefine who we are and what we have become. 

We zoomed out looked at the setting, the issue, and the solution.


We are a unique species, we have this unwavering need to improve on our previous experiences to have better ones in the future, it justifies our unlimited creativity and  the great power of our minds. Unlike bees for example, who have been building the same hive for eons, they maybe extinct if their habitat drastically changes. But so far, us humans are a species which has the ability to adapt in order to remain relevant, to survive.

Rebranding should be less looked at as a change or a shift, and more like an adaptation tool to remain relevant and comprehensive, an organic process that determines if you fit your time.


Back in the 90s and early 2000 (pre social media) the interaction between brands and consumers was a one way street. Though billboards, magazine, newspaper ads, and TVCs, the consumer never got the chance to reply or even have a say in what they receive.


Today with social media brands are constantly interacting with consumers, and that allowed them to become more approachable and deliver custumer oriented products. 

However, social media was created for “socializing” its not about advertising, We like to say that brands are guests on the followers dinner table, and our goal is to make the guest (brand): light, entertaining and easy to sit with; not imposing, loud, or judgmental. 


So to the loft, humanizing the brand is achieving this simple yet complicated task;a  light entertaining guest,

to remind the consumer of the human being on the other end of the interaction.

By building an emotional connection through relatable storytelling, we want the consumers to, not only,

welcome the brand on their dinner tables, but also their daily lives and hearts!

The growth which Wetheloft went through since it was founded is not reflected so much through the world changing, or the industry becoming more demanding and constantly advancing. 

The rebrand of Wetheloft is subjected to one main persistent factor, the team of the loft. The brand is speaking through them, and each member has their own story, their own struggle, their own passion, and their own evolution in terms of skill and as character.

The rebranding of Wetheloft is an honest portrayal of the humans that represent the ‘we’ in Wetheloft, may it be designers, photographers, animators, illustrators, planners, or content creators; and this also extends to the kind of humans that approach us in terms of clients and brands. We are not trying to look cooler or better, it is

a subjective illusion. 

All we can do is to try to be ourselves. This is who we are.