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Classic Blue Pantone by Wetheloft

Updated: May 10, 2020

Since 2000, Pantone Color Institute has picked a color that sets the trend for branding, marketing and creative society each yea. In 2012, a new tradition began for us as we shot our first annual depiction of Pantone Color of the Year. The common thread between all our photoshoots is a woman who resonates with the color and the many meanings it holds. (You can find our past shoots on Instagram under #loftmepantone).Timeless and elegant, Classic Blue, Pantone 19-4052, is the 2020 color of the year. It highlights the collective desire for a stable foundation as we welcome a new era, and promotes peacefulness of the human soul, encouraging resilience above all. Our muses, Yazmeenah Rossi and Rozana AlBanawi, are every bit a human resemblance of the color, in tune with their true natures and with the deep connections with their higher selves. Both are armed with the belief that exploration and self-reflection help us find our true potential. Yazmeenah, a French-American model-actress, known for her passion for women’s issues, calls her moon hair and wrinkles “witnesses to a rich and intense way of life,” signifying her connectedness with her individuality and advocacy for natural beauty. Rozana, a life coach leading personal work with members of society, helping people find purpose, does not withhold from showing vulnerability and making peace with it in public. Her work is focused on encouraging and empowering women. These ladies, joined together, represent what we hope women around us can see and live by. This year, we shot in calm waters with a sense of stability that requires calmness to continue floating. As we ponder the photos, we cannot help but see vulnerability, humility, strength and resilience.

Credits: Art Direction/ Styling: Sabine Daou & Sara Khashoggi

Photography: Nada Hakeem

Outfit: Yum Fayez

Makeup Artist: Safaa Alireza

Hairstyling: Osama Ramadan

Location: Boho and Beach

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