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Humanizing Our Work

Updated: May 10, 2020

The easiest explanation of how we run things, simple and on point.

Humanization is the most important element of our work. Here, we walk you through what humanization is and explain why it is important.

Let’s think of two important worldwide brands: Facebook and Virgin. When we think of Facebook, what do we see or feel? We remember security breaches, lack of privacy, invasive surveillance, and maybe a little bit of connecting with friends and family, and perhaps even Mark Zuckerberg’s face. But do we know who Mark Zuckerberg is,

and what he stands for? Do we feel his values in the brand?

We can better understand the answer to that last question when we apply the same questions to Virgin. Immediately, we associate the brand with Richard Branson. We remember his values,because they are so clear, and they are constantly stated and restated in the brand’s collaterals. We remember togetherness, diversity, creativity, and infinite possibilities. We associate the brand with success.

Humanizing brands is not about placing a face to the brand. In fact, a humanized brand may not have a face at all (see: Pepsi). It’s about feeling a human connection with a brand, no matter who is behind it, regardless of how visible they are publicly. Do we connect and remember parts of ourselves in this brand? Do we see a need that this brand can fulfill for us, either personally or professionally? Is there a clear voice that I can interact with, or that speaks directly to me?

In Saudi Arabia, many might not know the face of Al Baik’s owners, but we all remember the values of community, charity, and contribution when we hear or see the brand. Their clear value of giving back to the community is unmistakable, and for those who are unfamiliar with their activities, a quick Google search will immediately clarify this value.

Humanization is the essence of all the services we provide at Wetheloft. How can we make this brand, design, photograph, or video relatable? How does this service speak for the brand’s value, or this particular value that the brand wants to promote? Does it sound robotic, or does it sound like your friend and your colleague?

Yep, it is that simple, yet that important. It’s about being approachable and making connections, because the magic is in the details.

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