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Same We, New Way.

Updated: May 10, 2020

We’ve changed everything. Here’s why and how.

Since day one, it was important for us to invite you to our office with open arms and minds. We never wanted a typical meeting room. Instead, we had a cozy creative room that became Jeddah’s living room. We loved our one-on-one sessions with you, and achieved great results and powerful connections because of that.

That is why we’ve rebranded. Wetheloft is all about humanization.

When we reflected upon this concept, we realized that we were stronger because of it, and so were your brands, creating, together, the “we” in Wetheloft. Building an emotional connection with customers never felt this good.

When we say that we set the table for us all, we truly mean it. We want to talk, talk, and talk some more. We’d love to share all our meals with you. We want to disagree, because disagreements lead to growth. We want to meet you halfway. We want mutual input and discussion to be the only guiding factor to our process, because everything else comes second to the you and me that makes us we.

Our services didn’t change: they evolved. Our quality is the same, but better. Our workflow is more powerful than ever. Our goals are the clearest they’ve ever been, and we want you in our 50/50 vision.

Growth is gradual. Precision is eternal. Watch our new ethos unfold on our website and social media, as we walk you through this journey step-by-step, exactly as we did the past six months.

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