SUMMER 2020, Saudi Tourism Authority Campaign:

We received the chance to pitch for STA's latest campaign.

We had to share he excitement, so we invited Mauzoun over to pitch with us.

Together, we pitched a strong research-based strategy and

created a powerful narrative, and we won.


We then collaborated with Daw Production House.

Also we sent our own Ibrahim to shoot around Saudi for this campaign and he came with stunning results!


We wanted to push the idea of togetherness and interactivity to a new level, so we also designed and launched a microsite for the campaign,

developed by @icon_creations.

The microsite featured the video done by We in collaboration with @mauzoun and, that was based on entirely user-generated content, in 7 different languages, and was shared 20K times

in foreign languages alone!

Lucky Saudis

We kept hearing people doubting the authenticity of the amazing local scenery they saw on TV and in social media, so we wanted to completely remove all their doubts.

That’s why our idea was all about focusing on the people who traveled in Saudi this year, using their own personal footage from their phones, cameras, and tablets.


Everything you see was 100% shot by people just like you and we.

Collaboration always wins! 
We,, and @icon_creations worked on Saudi Tourism Authority’s National Day 2020 campaign and ranked nationally no.3 with nearly 10M views!