A unique collaboration with Once Upon a Chair to create a spatial brand experience reimagining one of the first chains of hotels in Saudi Arabia.

This exhibit is a dedication to Jeddah’s glory in the early 1970s, and a warmly personal ode to Nouf & Nada Hakeem’s grandfather. Bahaauddin Khashogji is the founder of Bahaauddin Hotels. He is also known for having the first chain of hotels in Saudi in the 70s all through the 90s. We wanted to combine design and furniture and came up with the idea to reignite Bahauddin. From Art Direction, to prop allocation, to every little minute set-up detail, we recreated this hotel as our own version of a present-day time-capsule. The TV was a big part of the set-up as Bahaauddin Hotels was the first hotel to have TVs in the bedroom. We placed newspapers around the set-up that reflects that 70s era, with ads from our clients and collaborators incorporated in those newspapers.

Fun Fact: Two of our current Lofties (Ibraheem Bin Talib and Wafaa Abu Saadah) met us through this exhibition.