New brand strategy and visual media for one of the names that helped establish the standards of excellence in the Saudi beauty industry.

Bouthaina was founded by Bouthaina Khalaf and Kamal Jouni. Their introduction of excellent service standards helped establish the beauty industry in Saudi as we know it today. 27 years later, we explore how a true rebrand of Bouthaina, strategically and visually, will help them once again redefine the industry. Bouthaina has been a trendsetter in Saudi’s beauty industry; it has created a standard that everyone has been following and mostly imitating. However, we believed that it was time for Bouthaina to adapt to a new approach that will also raise the bar for everyone else in the industry. For instance, we believed it was important to adopt a sleek, professional tone with both real-life customers and social media followers; a balanced tone between Arabic and English and a more appropriate use of different social media tactics and hashtags.