Nouf Hakeem

Brand visual identity for a multi-passionate entrepreneur who devotes her attention to the rights of women and human wellbeing in general.

A creative whose life has led her to the practice of mindfulness and meditation; Nouf Hakeem is a Saudi woman empowered by the knowledge that true power lies within. To create personal branding to a public figure like Nouf, it needed to reflect her values and character. The logo can be used in a static way or as a dynamic system. The dynamic system allows you to have the same logo in different variations for different uses or compositions. The concept behind the variations is Kashida in Kaaf (elongation in the letter). The dynamic system can be animated for motion graphics on digital platforms. The logo is based on Naskh script. Styled with a higher level of legibility. The logo combines legibility with graphical playfulness.  This allows the audience to have a pleasant pause reading the logo while being able to read easily. This is important to make the logo direct, memorable, and strong.