Visual identity for a jewelry brand offering day-to-day pieces that tells you a timeless story of self-worth, appreciation for the stillness and calmness in this craftsmanship.

Humans at some point in their early history decided to pick stones from the ground and placed them on themselves. Why that extra weight? Maybe it was to look prettier to others, but a stronger aspect of putting on Jewelry back when this tradition started was self-worth and appreciation of yourself. Back then, it didn’t cost a single Dirham. All it took for a human to wear jewelry was to see a stone or a shell and see themselves in it. The process of accessories helped humanity in developing its individuality, it was never meant to be a privilege, and it will always be a part of one’s identity, the one they rightfully choose for themselves. We are simple beings that appreciate complex phenomena, but we will always remain simple no matter how complicated we think we are. Sukoon is a timeless peaceful state of mind.