The Drawer

Rebranding the drawer for a lingerie online store in Saudi embracing women's intimate space, self-care routines and feminine personal expression.

The Drawer is the intimates and accessories retailer staple for women by women. Their products allow room for personal self-expression of individual style and spirit, designed to be chosen by you for how it inspires and empowers you as soon as you wear them. The direction showcases the soft and feminine aesthetic. It embraces all women and supports every(body). Simplicity and femininity are reflected in the minimal designs and toned-down colors. We kept the original blue color in this option and extended the color system with new tones that would compliment it and support it. The cool colors invite calmness, sophistication and elegance to the new brand. Further, this direction reflects the romance and rawness of every woman’s beauty by using handwritten typography. The curves on the arch of the logo are used to embrace body curves.