Brand strategy and visual identity design challenging gender stereotypes and engaging both women and men around topics pertinent to building more inclusive and equitable societies for women in the GCC.

Azalea reached us to build the brand from scratch, as our team represents the demographic they are targeting. We developed their strategy, branding, social strategy, and social content through our in-depth humanized and informed approach. In our branding, we embrace endless possibilities in our typography, color system, and photography style. Everything is layered, as different layers create new possibilities, a new lens to view things. We juxtapose bold with simple, bright with grainy, black with white. 

Empowering Equity with Azalea

Azalea is a transformative platform that aims to address and dismantle gender disparities in the Arab world, particularly in the Gulf region. By shedding light on the historical and contemporary challenges faced by women, Azalea strives to inspire gender equity and promote equal opportunities for all individuals.

Setting the Stage

The Gulf region has historically witnessed significant gender inequalities, with limited liberties and representation for women. While progress has been made, societal norms and deeply-rooted stereotypes continue to impede full gender equality. Azalea recognizes the need to confront these issues directly, creating a safe and informative space that encourages dialogue and collaboration among women and men.

Issue and Solution

Azalea addresses the masked challenges faced by women in the region, such as limited maternity leave, biased hiring practices, and stereotypes surrounding emotional and intellectual differences. By speaking truthfully and compassionately, Azalea invites both women and men to contribute to the solution. With a clear action plan and empathetic messaging, Azalea sets a new standard for equity and equality, promoting meaningful change.

Understanding Gender Equity

Gender equity refers to the fair treatment of women and men based on their respective needs. It encompasses equal access to rights, benefits, opportunities, and obligations. Achieving gender equity is not only a fundamental human right but also vital for sustainable economic growth and social development. By sharing compelling statistics and insights, Azalea highlights the importance of gender equity in all aspects of society.

Desert Full of Palms

Immerse yourself in the captivating tale of a desert landscape adorned with graceful palm trees. The Saudi Arabian desert, an ancient and mystical land, shaped the cultural fabric of its people. Despite the harsh environment, the Saudi Arabian spirit thrived, radiating warmth, generosity, and a deep-rooted connection to the palm trees and their bountiful dates. The palm became a sanctuary, providing shade from the scorching sun and strength to the weary.

The Path to Change

Azalea recognizes that societal structures and norms were predominantly shaped by men, inadvertently neglecting the potential of integrating women fully. To create an inclusive platform, Azalea emphasizes the leadership and representation of women themselves. It aims to challenge gender roles, shift stereotypes, and educate both men and women on the difference between equality and equity. Azalea also explores the empowering history of influential matriarchs in the region, reclaiming spaces that rightfully belong to women.

Brand Essence and Promise

Azalea's brand essence revolves around the belief in the power of a society with absolute equity. The brand envisions a world where women and men have equal rights and opportunities. Its mission is to challenge societal norms, promote gender equity, and provide the necessary tools for bridging the gender gap through actionable social and leadership equity. By embracing elements of nature, wisdom, and emotional resilience, Azalea embodies the transformative journey towards equity.

The Rationale behind the Name Azalea

During the process of ideating the name, Azalea was chosen due to its dual meaning in both Arabic and English. In Arabic, Azalea is the feminine word for eternal, capturing the timeless essence of equity and its inherent presence in society. In English, Azalea refers to the beloved flower, symbolizing beauty, growth, and the interconnectedness of nature. By combining these meanings, Azalea reflects the inherent and natural nature of equity, as well as its potential for growth and positive change.

Visual Identity

Azalea's visual identity reflects the concept of balance and harmony between the feminine and masculine within each individual. It embraces endless possibilities through layered typography, a diverse color system, and a photography style that juxtaposes contrasting elements. By creating a visually captivating experience, Azalea aims to shift perspectives and encourage a new lens through which to view gender equity.


Azalea showcases its dedication to empowering equity in the Arab world. Through its unique approach, Azalea challenges societal norms, encourages dialogue, and inspires action to create a more equal and inclusive society.

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